Michael Cabonargi has been a fighter for equality and justice his entire career. His first job after graduating the University of Illinois College of Law was as an aide to Senator Paul Simon, working to create economic policy benefiting all of Illinois families. When Sen. Durbin was elected after Sen. Simon’s retirement, Durbin kept Michael in his office, elevating him to a senior aide.

Michael came home to Chicago to resume his pursuit of the law, clerking for a federal judge before joining the Securities and Exchange Commission. At the SEC, Michael fought fraud and corruption, protecting our most vulnerable communities form predatory corporations. His commitment to our communities led to the largest settlement in SEC history after he prosecuted a company defrauding our seniors.

In 2011, Michael was appointed to a seat on the Cook County board of review, where he worked tirelessly to lower the property taxes of thousands of families in Cook County. He streamlined the office by putting tax review forms online, saving taxpayer dollars and making the review process easier and quicker for Cook County residents. He also increased access to the office to all our communities by offering documents in many of the languages spoken by Cook County residents.

Now, Michael is running for Clerk of Courts to ensure that everyone in Cook County is treated fairly in our criminal justice system. He’s seen the damage done to our communities by those who prey on the most vulnerable, and he has the experience to fight back against injustice.

Join Michael in creating a Cook County we can all be proud of.

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